Richard Hemming and John James$4.00
  • Made in UK
  • Multipacks
  • Crewel #7, #8, #9, #10
  • Milliners #8
  • Darner #7, #9
  • Chenille #20,#22
  • Tapestry #26,#28
Bohin Needles$4.50
  • Made in France
  • Milliners #8
  • Darner #7, #9 (super slim for beaded smocking)
  • Chenille #18-22
  • Tapestry #26,#28
Bohin Thimbles$9.00
  • Gold plated brass
Machine Needles
Twin Needles 1.6-70$4.75
Universal size 60/8$3.75
Universal Mix 70 to 90$3.75
Fabric Marking Pens
Heirloom Machine Thread - Mettler 60/2$3.75
  • Fine cotton machine thread - 200 metre spool
  • white, ivory, black, pink, blue, green
Heirloom Machine Thread - Cotona 80/2$4.95
  • Fine cotton machine thread - 200 metre spool
  • white, cream
Thread Heaven$6.00
  • Thread conditioner, superior to beeswax
  • Wonderful for silk, synthetic and metallic threads
  • Makes them glide through the fabric
Ribbon Weaver$1.00
  • Small pliable plastic weaver
Retractable Scissor Holder$6.50
  • Clips to clothing to keep scissors handy
  • Comes with quilting, floral or teddy bear motif
Retractable Tape Measure$6.50
  • inches and metric
  • Comes with quilting, floral or teddy bear motif
Cascade House Embroidery Thread$2.00
  • Stranded Silk
  • Full colour range
  • Price per card
Needle Threaders and Cutters
Ideal for sewing on aircraft as some threaders have a small cutting blade
All Purpose Threader Set$4.50
  • 2 all purpose threaders each with a small cutting blade in a plastic wallet
Ultra Fine Threader Set$4.50
  • 2 ultra fine threaders designed for quilting and beading needles, in a plastic wallet
Threader Collection$7.50
  • set of 3
  • one ultra fine, one all purpose and one designed for use with ribbon, yarns and other thicker thread.
  • Ultra fine and Ribbon/Yarn threader have cutting blades.
  • Set is in a clear plastic wallet
Needle Minder
Needle Minder$12.50
  • 2 magnets allow you to wear as a brooch or use on your embroidery, cross stitch or quilt to hold your needle safely
  • Designs:
  • Cupid on Peach (CP)
  • Rose on Pink (RP)
  • Posy on Orange (PO)
  • Sisters on Blue (SB)
  • Hibiscus on Black (HB)
  • Butterfly on Blue (BB)
  • Angel on Navy (AN)
  • Bouquet on Black (QB)
  • Dragonflies on Purple (DP)
  • Lily on Green (LG)
Thread Keeps and Thread Winders$12.50
  • Mother of Pearl, variety of styles
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